A Community of Hope : Artists for Dublin Simon

Ed is delighted to have been asked to donate an original piece of artwork to this worthy cause.

The cultural heartbeat of Ireland is set to resonate through an extraordinary online auction, ‘A Community of Hope: Artists for Dublin Simon’, as it brings together the cream of Irish artistic talent in a profound act of solidarity against homelessness. The auction, beginning on the 23rd of November, features around 200 lots from a cadre of Ireland’s top artists, musicians, and public figures.

In an ambitious effort to support the essential frontline services provided by Dublin Simon Community, this auction has garnered contributions from over 150 acclaimed figures. It stands as a beacon of creativity and compassion, projected to raise around €60,000 for those experiencing homelessness in Dublin.

The event is the vision of John O’Donnell, an artist with a philanthropic spirit, who after decades abroad, found himself confronted by the pervasive issue of homelessness in Dublin. Stirred into action, O’Donnell has mobilised his network, in collaboration with Dublin Simon Community, to curate this significant event.

The catalogue of items is diverse and remarkable, boasting artworks by Guggi, David Booth, Fraser Holden and Jim Fitzpatrick, poignant photography by Conor Horgan and Nina Val, alongside exclusive music memorabilia from the likes of Hozier, Imelda May, Caroline Corr and Chris de Burgh. This eclectic collection presents a unique opportunity for collectors and philanthropists alike, with lot estimates spanning €100 to €7,000.

John O’Donnell, reflecting on the impetus for the auction, said: “The stark reality of homelessness in Dublin called for action. Dublin Simon was a recurring beacon of hope in my interactions with those affected, and I knew we had to support their work.”

Catherine Kenny, CEO of Dublin Simon Community, expressed gratitude for the upcoming event: “This auction is more than a fundraiser—it’s a lifeline. The incredible generosity of John O’Donnell and the artistic community is pivotal in our ongoing mission to end homelessness.”

Bidding is now live until Monday 4th of December through adams.ie